What is a Healthy Lifestyle in Modern Reality?

Healthy lifestyle in the modern sense is not exercised in the morning, and not a basin of water poured early in the morning on a sleepy head. This is a new approach to life in general. But how to fit it into your everyday life? And how to make a healthy lifestyle a pleasure and not poison the existence of you or others? We include common sense and understand.

What are we fighting for? What is a healthy lifestyle in modern reality?

"A healthy body is a friend

who will support you in any good deed. "

As soon as it comes to the topic of a healthy lifestyle, two extremes immediately come to the surface. At one extreme are those who, in principle, are not used to sweating on this topic and do not understand why this is necessary. On the other, those who steamed too much. Both are wrong and lead to nothing good. Therefore, before continuing the conversation, let's define the main thing:

A healthy lifestyle is not an end in itself. It is a remedy.

In order not to deviate from the path of psychological well-being, one must well understand: a healthy lifestyle is only a way to achieve well-being and other benefits. 

Each of us is familiar with the situation when, being adherents of a healthy lifestyle, we condemn this or that person for the fact that he, for example, smokes, consumes alcohol, fried food, and so on. Unfortunately, we are less and less thinking about spiritual health - our own, our neighbour, the society of which we are a part of. As a result, modern society is increasingly degrading, more and more violence, deception occurs, people hurt each other and are less likely to turn to its attention.

Of course, physical health is significant, but it can bring much more benefits in conjunction with spiritual health. Having started to lead a healthy lifestyle in this vein, we undoubtedly contribute to the recovery of our world, our society. That is why the concept of "healthy lifestyle" is very multifaceted, and which of these facets to pay the most attention to is the personal choice of each person.

A healthy lifestyle as such is formed at several levels:

Social. We must pay tribute, today there is an active promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Infrastructure. This is a comprehensive level: the governments of developed countries are trying to control the ecological situation, change living conditions for the better, and so on.

Personal. At this level, each individual person defines his own motives, values ​​and organizes his own life.

Thus, the rules of a healthy lifestyle are divided into standard and individual ones.


Let's take a closer look at the fundamental / generally accepted rules of a healthy lifestyle. So this:

  • Refusal from any addictions: alcohol, smoking, any drugs and so on.
  • Compliance with the daily routine, first of all, it concerns sleep and wakefulness at the appropriate time.
  • Balanced diet.
  • Frequent walks in the fresh air.
  • Regular physical activity.
  • A positive attitude towards any situation.

As already mentioned, each person supplements this list of rules independently, relying on those goals that he identified as priorities.

Obviously, the list of these rules is missing the aspect of satisfaction. What is satisfaction, and is it so crucial for the health of our body? The concept of dignity is also multifaceted, this is the state of a person, being in which he is satisfied with his work, his family, his life in general. This is a kind of inner harmony, losing which, we become nervous, irritable, lose control over ourselves and our way of life, and in this case, what kind of healthy lifestyle can we talk about? Therefore, we can conclude that maintaining internal balance and following your own desires, your nature and your inner "I" is one of the most essential rules of a healthy lifestyle.

Once we come to the decision to lead a healthy lifestyle, we start looking for an activity that will help us maintain our physical health. Ideally, these are activities that will help us improve not only physically, but also spiritually. If you have already come to this realization, then yoga practise is perfect.

Regular yoga sessions reveal to us many rules for a healthy lifestyle, the existence of which many did not even suspect.


If we consider healthy lifestyles through the prism of yoga teachings, then the set of generally accepted rules becomes much broader:

  1. Completely eliminate any substances that cloud our minds. Oddly enough, many people tend to drink alcohol in small quantities "for health": this is an illusion. The same applies to smoking: in many countries, smoking tobacco and other substances of plant origin are also allowed. Moreover, these substances are positioned as a natural way of relaxation. Starting to practice yoga, you will learn to relax and concentrate, using only the capabilities of your own body and mind.
  2. Define a daily routine for yourself and stick to it. You need to learn how to rest: for this, you need to listen to yourself and understand how much time you need to get enough sleep; 7-8 hours of sleep is generally accepted, but you may need 4-5 hours. Dedicate hours in the early morning to meditation and asana practice so that before starting the workday, you will come to inner balance and thus maintain the ability to control yourself and your life.
  3. Eat correctly and in a balanced way. Food is an essential aspect of our life: it can support the vital functions of our body, and, on the other hand, unhealthy diet ruins our health and even our karma. Vegetarianism is the nutritional system that cleanses our body, saturates it with useful substances. It should be noted that giving up meat is the first step towards purifying our karma, according to the laws of which, by hurting other living beings (since eating animal meat is equivalent to killing them), we contribute to the return of this negative energy to ourselves. Avoid fatty foods, all types of soda, give preference to low-fat dairy products, cereals, purified water, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Eat small meals no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. At least once a week, arrange fasting days for yourself and cleanse your body through fasting. Practice complete cleansing techniques twice a year.
  4. Work your body regularly. Regular active yoga classes are the best fit, regardless of whether they are classes in a gym with a mentor or at home on their own. Daily practice of asanas helps to maintain a healthy mind in our body. 
  5. To be in nature, more often. Try to regularly retire in the clean air, look for harmony and answers within yourself, put your thoughts in order. Only through unity with his nature is a person able to come to balance within himself.
  6. Maintain a positive attitude and resist stressful situations. Yoga teaches us never to despair or panic. Through many asanas and pranayama, we learn to calm our mind and thus maintain a positive attitude.
  7. Analyze everything that happens. Start with the fact that you need to analyze any of your situations: at the end of the day, explore how it went, what you could not have done, and what, on the contrary, needed to be done, what should have been paid more attention. Over time, you will learn to analyze your life in a global sense - such analysis can ultimately prevent many mistakes.
  8. Work on what's going on inside yourself. It is impossible to lead a healthy lifestyle without spiritual health. Of course, working on ourselves is much more complicated than on our body, however, having mastered it, we become wiser, we stop giving extreme reactions to anyone, and as a result, we extend our life and acquire, along with inner beauty, outer beauty.
  9. Knowing your body through awareness of yourself. This is perhaps the most important rule of a healthy lifestyle; that is why it is most difficult to follow. To know yourself means to realize the limitless possibilities of your body, to understand that you are capable of much. Engage in self-development both physically and spiritually. Eliminate any manifestations of envy, desire to lie, and so on in yourself.

It should be noted that all these rules are interrelated; some of them are difficult to follow, however, with the support of the yoga teachings, you will understand that there are no unattainable goals.

  1. And the last thing: never feel sorry for yourself and do not invent unnecessary problems and illnesses for yourself; remember that thought is material.



1. Extend your life. Well, it goes without saying, otherwise why was it all started?

2. Prolong youth, that is, maximize the age of activity, efficiency and sexuality. Not everyone wants to work hard until a hundred years old. Well, what about physical intimacy? Everyone wants not to turn into a helpless old man, to be able to have fun and travel, not to be attached to either hospitals or drugs. So, we will write it down.

3. To improve the quality of life here and now. Obesity and related diseases, physical weakness, damage to internal organs caused by physical inactivity and improper diet - all this prevents you from truly enjoying life. Together with recovery, both joy and desire to reach new heights will return.

4. Improve living standards. Healthy and beautiful people earn more, make their careers faster, and generally achieve success more quickly. With always feeling unwell, performance suffers, and the very desire to fight disappears.

5. Improve your privacy. A successful and psychologically prosperous person is unlikely to look for a sickly object to care for as a companion or companion but will find an equal. Ask yourself: Does your admiring gaze stop at groaning, shabby, puffy, overweight and grey-skinned characters? The fewer problems your health creates, the easier it is to find a pair.

6. Make your life more varied and fulfilling. Are you jealous of those who fly hang-gliders, cut the waves on the surf, skis from the mountain slopes? All this is possible for the majority of practically healthy (and even not very healthy) people. Physical fitness is a real deal, the main thing is to want.

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