Chakras and Aura

Did you ever wonder what the contrasts are between chakras and aura? Or how do they work together? 

The concept of aura - the luminous energy shell of a person - was introduced by the ancient Indian sages. They believed that the aura could tell about a person's sensual or spiritual thoughts and say about his state of health and that all beliefs are imprinted on his shell. The aura was represented as a field of energy - information that everyone has and through which is a connection with the outside world.


Aura is an energy field radiated by a person. In esotericism, aura means "a thin invisible substance flowing out of the human body." Translated from Greek "breath of the breeze," "stream." The concept itself came from eastern philosophy.

It is believed that the aura has its size, shape, colour, and even smell. With spiritual growth, the aura can increase. The colours of the aura are different: from plain to rainbow. It is essential to understand that there are no "good" or "bad" auras - they are merely different. Even if the auras are dark and give out stressful states, you should know that changing the model of behaviour and intentions, for example, by cleansing the mind of evil thoughts, leads to an increase in indicators in the field of mind-body - energy.

Why is it important to know your aura? 

The information obtained from the diagnosis helps a person: 

  1. Learn more about yourself, see and understand your psycho-emotional state at the time of the study.
  2. To analyze the influence of external factors on the psychological and physical state of the body, to assess the risk of the development of psychosomatic factors.
  3. Assess the dynamics of the aura in dynamics after applying various techniques to relieve stress and the psycho-emotional block.

The human aura amplifies out a few feet around the body. Your aura tells many things about you – like whether you're tired, upbeat, inviting, coherent, discouraged, etc. It's like watching a map of energy! 

Think of your aura as your energetic "space." The colours of the aura and shades of escalated shift with feeling that you are right now anticipating. Extreme feelings = extreme colors.

The aura is directly connected to the chakras.


Chakras are multi-coloured, beautifully 'turning wheels' in our vitality areas. We have seven primary chakra focuses through which a single energy channel passes. A few individuals accept we have numerous, counting hundreds of "mini-chakras."

Chakras are centres that accumulate and distribute physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy. Potential of each chakra and their balance relative to each other. It helps to assess the emotional and physical reserves of a person and understand which of these areas should be adjusted to achieve better results in their daily and professional activities.

Through them, we exchange energy with the outside world. What you feel, and based on what you think about your life, your chakras show you the flow of your energy. Seven energy centres or chakras are located one above the other along the vertical axis of the spine. Each chakra is responsible for the functioning of the corresponding part of the body. 

1st chakra-Muladhara: Root chakra – bottom of the spine
Colour: Red or black
Harmonic properties: Vitality, activity, sexuality, stability, physical strength
Refers to: Life energy, physical activity, emotional strength, willpower, sexuality
System: Joints, muscles, heart, blood, nervous system, legs, feet
Meditation:  I am


2nd chakra-Svadhisthana: Sacral chakra located at the lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel
Colour: Orange
Harmonic properties: Sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure, sexuality
System: Reproduction, assimilation
Meditation: I feel


  3rd chakra-Manipura: Solar plexus chakra is an upper abdomen in the stomach area
Colour: Yellow
Harmonic properties: Self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem
System: Stomach, liver, gall bladder, nervous system
Meditation: I do


  4th chakra-Anahata: Heart chakra located at the centre of the chest, just above the heart
Colour: Green
Harmonic properties: Love, joy, inner peace
System: Heart, blood, vagus nerve, circulatory system
Meditation: I love


  5th chakra-Vishuddha: Throat chakra is located at the throat
Colour: Blue
Harmonic properties: Communication, self-expression of feelings, the truth
System: Bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs, alimentary canal
Meditation: I speak


  6th chakra-Ajna: Third-eye chakra – between the eyebrows
Colour: Indigo blue
Harmonic properties: Intuition, imagination, wisdom 
System: Eyes, ears, nose, nervous system
Meditation: I see


  6th chakra-Sahasrara: Crown chakra placed at the very top of your head
Colour: Violet
Harmonic properties: Inside and outside beauty, connection to spirituality, pure bliss
System: Upper brain, brain
Meditation: I understand 

The chakras have their form, proportions, and colour intensity, which reflect a person's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of our aura. The rounded shapes of the chakra indicate a balanced energy centre or system. The obscure form of the chakra suggests an imbalance in the energy centre.

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How Chakras and Auras Work Together?

It's all about your vitality, of course! All of this influences your chakras and auras. After you feel positive and energetic, and your choices are simple, your chakras turn effortlessly and energy streams quickly. 

But we don't always feel like we're walking on sunlight, right? We get stuck, we get migraines, feel overpowered, consider, worry, ponder, and hope. Your chakras start to rotate more slowly and then can become blocked. 

Improve your chakras, auras and your life 

The exchange of energy with the outside world is the primary vital function of the chakras and aura or, as they would say today, a biofield. Human health and the quality of his life directly depend on this.

The connection between the mind and the body is through the brain and nervous system. Many factors affect the emotional and mental state of a person. The aura or energy field fully demonstrates this connection. Our aura is an accurate indicator of health and state of mind, mind, and body.

After all, the Earth also has an aura. The Earth is alive. Earth aura is the atmosphere. "Atmo" is translated as "soul," "sphere." We are all under the atmosphere cover.

But this is only the beginning. Many scientists believe that in the future, thanks to the study of human fields, we will not only be able to determine the majority of diseases at the earliest stages but also, perhaps, will get the key to understanding each other and the world around us at a completely new, psychoenergetic level.

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